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Romanticisation of Mental Illness, Kelsey Weaver

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The Bizarre Street Art of Daan Botlek | via

Street artist and illustrator Daan Botlek is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands and is known for his strange form of character-driven street art. His generally simplistic, site-specific figures often interact with the space around them, passing in and out of unseen dimensions, shedding skin in the process. Kind of like morbid Keith Haring, no? You can see much more of his work over on Flickr.

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Mother + Daughter by Cara Sykes

Artist and her mother create a playful lookalike project.

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Philadelphia based fiber artist Erin M. Riley is tackling taboo issues with her loom. She’s capturing the issues of today’s generation with very old school traditional form of storytelling. Her threads weave together depictions of female sexuality, drug use, birth control, car crashes, selfies, among others. The results of which are breathtaking in a very perverse way - most of the images will make you feel as if you’re sneaking a peek at private photos on someones phone, the element of being privy to what’s going on behind the scene but not being talked about - and at second glance you can’t help but stare in awe at the painstaking efforts that go into her work. 

Erin’s work will be showing at Philadelphia based Paradigm Gallery + Studio from August 30th - October 12th, 2013. Hope you can make it out, these tapestries are sure to stir up a dialogue.


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“The day before the buildings were razed, the 43 women appeared in their finest attire, went into the buildings, climbed the old stairs, and took their places in the windows. I was set up on my fire escape across the streeet, directing the scene, with bullhorn in hand. Of course I was concerned for the Models’ safety, as some were daring enough to pose out on the crumbling sills.”

Ormond Gigli, 1960

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See the way the light folds so gracefully, see the world so clearly now in front of me.

Bedroom Wind is a 18” x 72” triptych with a very small edition available at

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Stasia Burrington

A collection of drawings on brown Kraft Stonehenge paper. Done with charcoal, sumi ink, acrylic paint and cut fabric flower collage.

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Using photos from the Hubble Telescope combined with his own custom computer software, Sergio Albiac generates portraits of people by rearranging the cosmos.

Anyone can submit photos online and Sergio will create 3 automated portraits constructed from images of space. Check out the Stardust Portrait exhibition Flickr page to see his progress so far!

Portraits Generated from Hubble Telescope Imagery

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Neat Weavesilk thing: Once you make something, click share and you’ll get a link. Opening that link will take you to a page where the image is re-created from the black background on up, with the steps you took, so it ‘blooms’ onto the screen. It’s REALLY cool!


Try it out!

oh damn this is awesome

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Hogan McLaughlin Fall 2013 Collection

In collaboration with jewelry designer Eero Hintsanen

Photography by Matt Lambert

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heather franzen

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this ain’t no place for a hero to call ‘home’

i swore on my free time that i would work on this — introducing vault hunters terezi and nepeta yeah!! i’ll get around to revealing classes once i get all of ‘em done.

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